Welcome to Skagafjörður

Once in Skagafjordur you have a wide variety of activities to choose from. If museums are your thing then we have some of the best Iceland has to offer. If you prefer action then horseback riding, rafting trip down the glacier rivers or a trip to the historical bird paradise, Drangey would be ideal.  As we say in Skagafjörður then history is “dripping from every straw” since both Sturlunga and Grettissaga two of our most loved sagas took place here. If nature or hiking is what brought you here, there is nowhere we would rather be, the mountain hikes, the islands and our canyons are breathtaking. You’ll find information on all this and more at

Use this website to find out what Skagafjordur has to offer and use the services of the Information centre in Varmahlid (tel +3544556161, email to custom make a holiday for you in Skagafjord